winds of heaven, stuff of earth

Today was a busy day.

For some time now I figured that I don’t really know how much longer my vehicle will last driving around. I mean, the champ made it to Illinois and back over mountains and valleys, but he hasn’t quite been the same since. I could always get it checked up on, but that costs money and when you are trying to raise a bunch of money to go away from your car for three months, fixing the car’s quirks doesn’t really make it to the top of the priority list, if you see what I’m saying. But today I said to heck with it! I got me the better part o’ a full tank o’ gas and I’m gettin’ all antsy sittin’ ’round here thinkin’ ’bout stuff. So off I went. I spent a long time out on the Chuckanut shoreline, bountiful in beauty and wonders. Here I climbed things, jumped off of things, hung out with various creatures like star fish, a mass of snails, otters (no joke!), and I even fed a dead crab to some anemone friends of mine. The whole time the sun was slicing through the clouds, throwing down it’s great lance-like rays of justice upon the ocean. Wondrous! On my way back, with the wind strong blowing and the tide rushing in, I was monkeying my way across a flat rock face when, sliding my foot across the sandstone sheet, something snagged my shoe and flung it into the sea. I uttered a sharp No! and quickly scurried down the rock. The shoe, the right one, was pushed onto a rock slab, but the waves came again and pulled it away. I ripped my other shoe off so as to not get both soaked, and as the waves surged forth I reached down and snatched my shoe from the greedy, grasping jaws of the ocean! Take that body of water stronger and more powerful than I will ever comprehend! I will keep my shoe, thank you very much! My shoe is in stable condition and is currently filled with newspaper so as to soak up the water. We would do that to our boots back up in Alaska.

So anyway, a busy day of friends and adventures. It was very nice to see the glorious natural riches the Lord has seen fit to bless us with as well as the darn good friends I got to spend time with today. He is good. And then I went to Barnes and Noble and picked up a handy dandy Rick Steves Italian phrasebook and English-Italian/Italian-English dictionary! And just when I think I’m done buying books for now, I wander around (this is dangerous in a bookstore!) and decide that whatever Shane Claiborne and friend have to say in this book I have never seen before I need to read. The book is about prayer, specifically how certain key prayers in the New Testament can take on new meaning in light of helping the poor and other great endeavors. I have been thinking a bunch about prayer lately and have been trying to stay true to that whole ‘pray without ceasing’ thing in Thessalonians and am very excited to read this book. I hope that their points and thoughts can take on new meaning for me as I try to walk closer with our Lord and serve in Rome. It should be good. Haven’t been disappointed by Claiborne yet! It is called ‘Becoming The Answer To Our Prayers.’ In case you were wondering.

Two full days and then I’m outta here. Weird.

Ask me about those otters sometime. It was awesome!

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