someday at Christmas…

so i don’t actually have much to say about today. it was a lazy day with more rain than rome knew what to do with (as if the city ever really knows what to do with rain anyway) and a strike on the buses and metro, making mobility a problem. so i fell asleep reading, and we planned some Christmas shin-dig for next week sometime, and lindsey and i met with tim and rachel, and i stayed to share a lovely dinner with them and other missionary friends brian and sarah, with whom conversation is always a joy.

but i write this little blip on the radar to tell you that phil and i stole a fake tree from the girls and assembled it in our main room. it looks wonderful, mainly due to phil’s decorations of flashing lights, tinsel, and assorted household items, such as measuring spoons, scissors, and a watch. and so i came home from the evening with friends to stevie wonder busting out ‘one little Chirstmas tree’ from my mix of 93 excellent seasonal songs, and a room dark, lit only but the pulating colors from our green friend next to the window. it was many things, including wonderful. it did not make me angry.

and then i thought about yesterday, and how in all my disgruntled bitterness about the reigning stupid in the soul of mankind, the song that came to my mind, wandering those ancient, accursed arches, was stevie wonder and ‘someday at Christmas.’ and this this post is really only to share that song with you, to humbly ask you to hear the song, and take the time to think and maybe smile.

welcome to Advent. it is pretty awesome. come Jesus, come.

(which of course reminds me of another song……


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