“was feeling a bit discouraged that we’ve been so unable to focus on Christmas this year. Today I realized it’s mostly because we’re focused on loving and caring for others’ needs. Which is probably an OK way to start Christmas.”

this was tim’s facebook status. my thoughts exactly. it is Christmas eve. that is unbelievable. but i guess when you are far away from all the traditions you know, things don’t quite feel the same in this regard. it really doesn’t feel like Christmas. the weird and over-abundant decorations on all the main streets haven’t really done their job of forcing Christmas emotions upon me. maybe because my Christmas emotions are found not in silly things but in the fact that God loves us so much that He decided to become one of us. God with us. wow. that’s just one of the best thoughts ever.

excuse the shortness, more detail of the last days and tomorrow will come soon, but it has been a super crazy day and continues to be so. i am writing this in the brief window of home-time before heading back out into the downpour to go to rome baptist’s Christmas eve service. but all this to say that the day has been better than i could have ever expected, but also very tiring. but there is more to come.

‘the hope of the world in a baby boy…’

a very merry Christmas eve to you and yours.

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