breaking of the fellowship.

twice today i witnessed the splitting of groups by unforgiving metro train doors. those doors are merciless. in the second instance the man inside the car with us pounded his angry fists upon the glass in his overwhelming frustrations. the other instance divided a family group and a little girl hugged her father in great despair as if the world had just collapsed on her mother left behind, as if all was lost, as if there were no cars that would be along in the next few minutes and carry her to the same spot presently.

at another time there was a great shouting between two men; something about dog mothers and being made of poop. intelligent discussions, you know.

paul is kind of a punk. i say that because we were going to meet today, but, as we approached the designated time, i gave him a call of confirmation, to which he informed me that his friend had called and he went over to his house. what a turkey, as tim and/or rachel might say. so i left.

i went to the train station to do the usual rounds of prayers, but i didn’t get far. the day was warm, the rain had gone, and many refugee friends were about. i spent a while talking with the singing iraqi. he was wondering a wonder which i have heard a couple times from the muslim community. there seems to be a thought going around that we of the christian community have three gods: God proper, Jesus, and mary. thanks catholics for making gods out of people. so i told him that mary was a person, like you or me, and not a god. some may pray to mary, but that is weird, and it probably shouldn’t happen. she is not God. he had some other questions, but his english is pretty weak most times and he was lacking the arabic-english dictionary our other iraqi friend has. and lo! speak of the that one jerk, here comes the man with the dictionary now! but conversation and questions were still rough, so he asked for some time to think about how to say things and learn some new words. fine, fine. we plan on meeting up tomorrow morning. I completed the walk and the prayers and then randomly ran into amir near the colosseum. so we chatted a bit before i went away. i think his english is much better than he lets on.

today is a holiday of some sorts. i figured that that would mean much in the way of stores and things would be closed, remembering the ghost town that via del corso on Christmas eve. tonight was the exact opposite. i had set off toward rome baptist in hopes of playing a little geetar (all the nigerians i know say ‘jee-tar’), but that hope was given up as i was lost in a sea of people carrying me along in various currents and waves. the streets downtown were as packed as i have ever seen them. i very quickly had the great desire to be far away from all of those people and all the ugly stores of overly expensive uselessness. so i left. i walked into the nearby villa borghese, and sat under a lamp on an old park bench far enough away from the celebratory noisings and i read for a while. it was a happy time.

from there, at the appointed time, i hopped metro trains away to the train station to make my nightly appearance. the food tonight was scarce and quickly done with. it was kind of weird. i think everybody got food of some sort.

often i get told by the refugees that they are hoping/planning on moving on to another place. i have seen their disappearances numerous times. but there seems to be an influx of my refugee friends getting ready to depart. i tell them i am leaving next week and i hear of one’s prospects with a friend in milan, and another going back to norway, possibly the day after next, and that maybe another friend will go too, on and on and on. it’s like the daggum breaking of the fellowship, lord of the rings style. a couple get taken by orcs, others follow later, a couple others head towards mordor though an impassable labyrinth of razor sharp rocks. but i can’t say i blame them. if i was a homeless refugee i wouldn’t want to stay here either. maybe we’ll all meet up again in the third movie after minas tirith is saved and somebody throws an old ring into a volcano. or maybe not. but as long as we are dreaming, i could use some giant eagle friends.


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