a new hope.

a short update i suppose.

steph and i met with that group i had mentioned, our friend tyler being a part of, which is a mixed group of students from various campus ministries seeking prayer and unity. this saturday, as in tomorrow, they are putting on, in the belly of a local church, a day-long prayer experience, where the different ministries will sort of facilitate a couple hour block of prayer time for whoever wants to show up. we are hoping for many.

i shared with them the developments of the possible prayer room. a response from terry, who we met about the space, read after the meeting by me, indicated that he and his crew are very open to having the prayer thing up again. and the student group was well encouraged by the news. this is the sort of thing they have been wanting as well. as in most of them were more or less speechless as i told the unfolding story, but then later told me how it is amazing how God does stuff and brings people together. some of them knew the place and/or had talked to terry before. one of those strange/cool/blessed times were i feel like a useful element in God’s plans for things. that’s always a nice feeling.

josh and i are going out to the streets again tonight, our hope this time is to actually talk to people and gather some prayer requests; somehow be a presence out there. it would be nice if we had a couple more of us.

riding the bike home last night from steph’s house, i passed the usual bars, greek houses. i was reminded once again why we want to do this prayer thing. rode past the line outside of kam’s, one of the uglier joints, dripping sleaze and dirt. one of the big things that gets me is the dress code standards. it is a cold night and the girls are all dressed up in their finest, or at least most scandalous. skirts that almost start to cover their legs; makeup caked on; tower-like heels; a thousand intoxicating smells. it is a cold night. wear some clothes. the guys walk to the bars in old jeans and whatever shirts, making no effort. why this double standard? why do the ladies feel the need to get all fancied up for seedy bars?

we hope in some way to show people that the freedom of Christ frees one from ritually showing off most of their body and letting themselves be objectified by men to be accepted. The freedom of Christ is a little more awesome.

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One Response to a new hope.

  1. Uncle Dan-o says:

    In your second sentence, you called her “Staph”. While not the most endearing nickname, I still think it’s fun. ;)

    Proud of you, Robb. Keep up the good work.

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