it’s dangerous business walking out your front door.

it’s not everyday that you step out of the house on your way to some event somewhere, focused on nothing in particular, and you get attacked by a boy with a lightsaber. i like living at the hoerman’s.

former salt and light board member john prince owns some massive lands out north and west of town a good stretch. he, in the springs, hires a fellow to clean and maintain his sprawling grounds. i am this man currently. i use josh’s car and blast down country roads, through now empty field of dark earth, scattered rough and chaotic with the remnants of last year’s plantings. i listen to rich mullins and try to find the good things out here that he sings about and that kept him finding joy in God’s creation even in the seeming emptiness of farmlands. it is hard sometimes. and other times i guess seeing all of the sky isn’t all that bad. at least here you can actually see the lightning storms unlike where my parents live, so nestled in the hills and trees that you can’t see the sky if you wanted to. oh well. at least there are hills somewhere in the world.

anyway, the work is great. brings me back to the good old days at camp firwood tearing stuff up and cleaning things and using tools and getting dirty. i have a nice collection of new cuts on my hands and my body is sore in places i didn’t even know i had places. it feels great. on friday i worked hard through the rainiest part of the day and was covered with mud when i finally figured i was soaked enough for one day. of course then it stopped raining. my glasses were splattered with mud; that was one of my favorite parts. all this and it’s good money with extremely flexible hours! my kind of job!

finished the book the good earth by pearl s. buck yesterday. was going to start on other books, but realized i had a hankering for the eloquent, poetic prose and bizarre tales of ray bradbury. so i started reading another bradbury book of short stories. it made me very happy.

axiom had it’s annual banquet dinner for all supporters and parents and anyone at this very large church just outside of town. i was given the opportunity to play acoustic guitar with the worship band, which i enjoy doing. i was hidden in the darkest corner of the massive stage under a looming and enormous screen. but it was good, even though that sound system was so intense it took us an hour and a half to get everything working right before we could start practicing. but the night went smoothly, ended on time and was just an all around fine experience. aaron, the leader dude, gave a talk about the ends of the earth. one point was that if you are standing in jerusalem and hear Jesus say that phrase, the ends of the earth includes america. we are in the ends of the earth. that and the stats say that thirty thousand ‘un-churched’ students are on campus every year. that and this is one of the most internationally mixed campuses in the world. the world! for groups like axiom who feel called to stay in central illinois, the mission field is ripe. wait a sec. i have been called to central illinois. …………….

the prayer group threw down our first twenty four hour prayer extravaganza this weekend. though much of that time for me was spent at the axiom banquet, i managed to squeeze in about three hours at the hub. but it went well and was encouraging to many. this shows me further that this stuff is cool and possible and something bigger is moving all these things together. while there i met and prayed with a guy there with a visiting pastor from the chicago area who led a considerable chunk of prayer and worship during the wee hours of the morning. i shared what josh and i were doing with the prayer and street stuff, but that we both felt dogged by something, feeling the schemes of the evil one striking in weak spots and sometimes discouraged and unfocused. he responded with, ‘you know, you say that, but you are radiating with the Presence.’ he said that was not just something trite to encourage me, but that he felt something physical and weird and tangible coming off of me, and that from the Holy One. i was a bit taken aback, to be honest. but that was encouraging. very much so. it is amazing to me how even when i feel weak and/or overwhelmed with incredibly busy weeks (like this one), God still gives me opportunities to serve, adding more and more. like the youth leader dude from windsor road church saying that we should sit down together and talk about my future helping out with the youth group. why does all this stuff keep happening to me?

anyway, we just got back from a meeting with the group about the next prayer stretch……eight days. this was terry’s idea. start on thursday, pray through easter weekend, and then end it the following friday. eight days. while a couple in the group were wary or nervous, terry and i and others were voices of affirmation in God’s proven ability to pull stuff out of no where. as in He does it often. and well. so this thursday it is going down. and i guess we shall see what Jesus does with it. your prayers would be appreciated…as always.

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