four winds.


and that was the year.

a year of waiting, in a way, but a year of waiting importantly. and learning.

i worked. i learned much about education in diverse settings. diverse in age, ethnicity, nationality, disability, academic ability, social awareness, language. this year was a chance to explore different educational outlets, a way of testing this whole master’s in education thing i go to now. and, yeah, i still want to do it.

we became parents. adding ivy to our family has been one of the greatest joys of my life. all the cliche’s about parenthood are true. i love her. she surprises me often with her happiness when i am bitter, her friendliness when i am lonely, her adventurousness when i am tired. i look forward to every day with her.

i wrote. my goal this year was to finish the book, a narrative nonfiction compilation of stories from congo, kiziba refugee camp, showing how refugees reckon with their pasts and shape the future. it’s been an emotional journey, to say the least. i miss my friends in kiziba daily. i hope my work honors their stories.

we rested. i say that after two weeks of constant motion. make no mistake, this was a hectic year, but there was peace in the busyness, a break among friends and family, a comfort in familiar places, a refueling, growing, reevaluating time.

while a part of me wishes we had been able to depart for glasgow last year as planned, i do not regret this year. it was, in many ways, necessary. it has prepared and readied us for this next step and we are excited for that. glasgow means to us a chance to better ourselves, sharpen our skills and awareness, both in the classroom and on the streets, putting theory into practice for a degree and more than a degree.

i am going to study. which means i will, hopefully, be better equipped to do what i feel called to do in this world.

we are going to hang out with refugees. which means we will again walk alongside those with heavy pasts, uncertain presents.

we are going to be parents still.

we will be visitors in a new land.

we ask for your prayers through these processes. we anticipate all the joys and depressions we know come along with this kind of life. pray that Christ would work through us, in us, steady us, provide for us. and those around us.

though i have neglected the blog this year, this new adventure calls for my words. stay here and stay tuned, join the facebook group, pray, support us and the ministry.

for, tomorrow, another plane.


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