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for all the miles.

in december, returning to washington, i opened the car door, the end of the travels at last, and breathed in that soft, earthy scent of the forest. and with it, a wave of intense nostalgia. i had missed that freshness, … Continue reading

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in the bleak midwinter.

in that flurry of adrenaline-fueled activity, juggling packing, cleaning, and the needs of children, we somehow left glasgow, flew the hours to chicago, visited friends and family for a dozen days, including a trip to champaign, repacked or stored everything … Continue reading

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the howling.

it may come as no surprise to some of you that i tend to read a lot. as in, i rarely (never) leave the house without a book in some form.  i used to boast that i averaged over a book … Continue reading

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Protected: somewhere a judge.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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magic mirror.

and in the drowsy crispness of autumn, we welcome another child. iona was blessedly born to us, a successful vbac, on october 17th. she procrastinated in arriving, a week beyond the due date, but when she finally chose to make … Continue reading

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mercury and lightning, part 2.

after months of consistent work – the slow, grinding, fumbling shuffle through heaps of articles, books, interview transcripts, emails, my own abundant, scattered notes – the research finally coalesces into readable paragraphs, arguments, a (hopefully) critical synthesis of scholarly assertions … Continue reading

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land locked blues.

a good friend of ours fled kiziba refugee camp a couple weeks ago, on the move again after fifteen years. we have been messaging through facebook, and that first night, after signing off with him, i thought: having a friend … Continue reading

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