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mercury and lightning, part 2.

after months of consistent work – the slow, grinding, fumbling shuffle through heaps of articles, books, interview transcripts, emails, my own abundant, scattered notes – the research finally coalesces into readable paragraphs, arguments, a (hopefully) critical synthesis of scholarly assertions … Continue reading

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land locked blues.

a good friend of ours fled kiziba refugee camp a couple weeks ago, on the move again after fifteen years. we have been messaging through facebook, and that first night, after signing off with him, i thought: having a friend … Continue reading

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every power wide awake.

the autumnal season passes into deep winter darkness. christmas creeps up and passes us by. the constancy of school considerations and assorted events/classes with refugees/asylum seekers keep us busy. and only mere days before the glorious, holy celebration, we realized … Continue reading

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no country.

a week and a half ago, after five nights with new friends, we were handed the keys to our new flat. and four busy days and an ikea trip later we had just about everything unpacked, built, organized, ready. though … Continue reading

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mercury and lightning.

glasgow’s an eclectic place, a mix of old and modern, hip and depressed, industry and craftiness, parks, treeless roads of crowded stone, church spires and addicts. it has the feel of other large european cities, similar smells and architecture, but … Continue reading

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four winds.

[robbie] and that was the year. a year of waiting, in a way, but a year of waiting importantly. and learning. i worked. i learned much about education in diverse settings. diverse in age, ethnicity, nationality, disability, academic ability, social … Continue reading

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i have a confession to make. i voted for hillary clinton. and that may not be the confession that some of you think it is. though she may not have been the greatest of choices generally, i had my reasons for … Continue reading

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